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- Care access analysis -

Through the use of analytics tool and collaboration with payer partners we identify members who will benefit from our Sickle Cell Care and Research Network (SCCRN) Program. We have adults who have had no ER visits or hospitalizations for an entire year. We are showing a 40% reduction in hospitalizations, ER visits and readmission rates.

- We work with your Care Team of PCPs and Specialists. We work with your payer. -

We are your provider whether in the office or via telehealth/telemedicine.  We come to you!  You may have few issues with Sickle Cell Disease or have many issues that puts you at a higher-risk for complications.  Our goal is to  help you achieve better health outcomes.

- Patient -

We partner with health plans to bring the PCP’s office to patients living with the complications and organ damage that can result from your Sickle Cell Disease.  The Sickle Cell Care and Research Network physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants can go to the homes of patients or connect via our Telemedicine platform to help address your medical and psychosocial needs.

how we're different

We focus on you and your unique needs.

We have a strong focus on case management, care coordination and physician interaction telemedicine tools using a HIPAA compliant cloud-based system which pairs the provider to you to address your unique needs. We are able. Focus on reducing emergency room utilization, readmissions and increasing quality care.

solving problems for high-risk patients

All patients with Sickle Cell Disease are at risk.  We focus on your unique needs throughout your lifespan.

What We Treat

Head to toe, mind and body. See top conditions we treat.

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- Brain -

- Eyes -

- Heart -

- Skin -

- Kidney -

- Lungs -

- Liver -

- Bone -

- Depression -

- Anxiety -

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- Sickle Cell Trait Complications -

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