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 Access to videos from our Annual Symposium and to our published volumes of our Journal of Sickle Cell Disease and Hemoglobinopathies

 A 20% discount on your Symposium registration for the year(s) your membership is active
 Invitations to Special Mission Opportunities
 Address mailings with updates that SCRSA members see first
 Becoming a valued member of a society and being recognized as a member by colleagues. We will list your name on our website as a member, with your permission.
A 20% discount on FSCDR merchandise in our commerce merchandise store.
Your membership helps us continue to:
Respond to over 12,000 patient inquiry phone calls a year
Engage with new patients referred to us
 Support and promote clinical research
 Promote Sickle Cell Disease & Trait Awareness 

 Support the attendance of Early Investigators to our Annual Symposium and encourage careers in sickle cell disease research, education and practice.
 Continue legislative advocacy for patients so that they can ultimately receive the care they deserve.
Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease may join the Society at a reduced annual rate. Please email Kyla at [email protected] for more information.