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FSCDR's 17th Annual Sickle Cell Disease Research and Educational Symposium and 46th National Sickle Cell Disease Scientific Meeting

June, 16 - 18, 2023

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Notice 4/19/2023: As an extension for regular submissions, we will allow submissions until April 28, and notify by May 5. If you’ve submitted by April 17, you will still get a notification by April 28.

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Deepika Darbari, MD

Scientific Chair

Deepika Darbari, M.D., hematologist at Children’s National Hospital. Dr. Darbari started studying and treating SCD at Howard University, where she also saw firsthand the many disparity issues surrounding the condition, such as inadequate funding, limited treatment options and biases and stigma. She also learned about barriers to career development that minority students faced. She worked to address those issues through her mentorship.

Titilope Fasipe MD, PhD

Scientific Co-Chair

Titilope Fasipe MD, PhD is board certified by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Pediatrics in both pediatrics and pediatric hematology. Dr. Titilope Fasipe’s goals are shaped by her desire to help children facing the hardships of a blood disorder. She is intrigued by the clinical challenges of non-malignant hematologic diseases, where in particular, patients with sickle cell disease continue to have significant co-morbid complications and decreased lifespan. Furthermore, she has long been passionate about the psychosocial barriers to care experienced by children with sickle cell, especially during transitional years.