Inaugural Behavioral Science Symposium
Sickle Cell Disease: Matters of the Heart

Earn up to 4 CME Credit Hours!

FSCDR’s Inaugural Behavioral Science Symposium has an exciting schedule to offer its attendees. Topics to be covered in the sessions are:

• The State of Mental Health in Sickle Cell Disease

• The Biology of Stress and its Effect – the Mind-Body Connection of VOCs

• A Panel for Patients and Families: What Community-Based Organizations are doing to support families in the era of COVID-19.

• COVID-Related Medical Changes / Telehealth Experiences for Individuals with SCD

• A Plenary Session on Effective Therapies for Mental Health in Sickle Cell Disease,
covering, the Impact of Racism, and treating Depression and Anxiety, through both
Non-Pharmacological Behavioral Health Interventions and Medications.

• COVID-19 Vaccination Stress for individuals with SCD, covering, who exactly gets it, how to get, wait times, and encouraging questions from patients and patient caregivers. This session also will encourage all listening individuals to maintain vigilance to follow public health measures.