Exhibitor for the Inaugural Behavioral Science Symposium: March 5, 2021


Company Virtual Booth that includes:

  1. Detailed Lead Retrieval: Attendee impression tracking so you can see who visited your booth, a Request Information button so attendees can contact you and share their information and interest, and a Like button so you can see which attendees liked your booth.
  2. Booth Banner: This is an effective way to make your booth much more noticeable to attendees. Attendees will see a horizontal banner across the top edge of your virtual booth.
  3. A company description of up to 1,000 characters.
  4. Two (2) web links that can link to pages such as company press releases, product web pages and forms.
  5. Two (2) PDF file uploads to share items such as product data sheets and other company literature with attendees.
  6. Introduction Video: This allows you to share a video with attendees about your company.
  7. Video Chat: Your booth staff can video chat live with attendees, as they are actively viewing the booth (just as they do in person!). Exhibitor Staff Pass must be purchased separately.

Please email Kyla at [email protected] with any inquiries. Once you have secured a space, exhibitor logistics are forwarded to you.

Purchases may not be transferred and are nonrefundable.

Non-profit organizations must be active to receive non-profit pricing.